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Surgical Dentistry Department

In 2006, at the rate of Dentistry was established Department of Surgical and Prosthetic Dentistry, which has become one of the basic (core) to prepare dentists.

The department staff included respected practicing dentists of Ternopil – candidate of medical scienceOkonskyy E.I., Storozhko A.I., Stahanskyy O.O., Lypnytska I.A., Skochylo O.V., Oshchipko R.V ., I.S. Manaschuk.Headed the department staff candidate of medical science, docent Nahirniy Ya.P., who had led the dentistrycourse. Department assistant head was chosen the teacher Oshchipko R.V. The basis of the newly createdDepartment was the right wing of the first floor of the academic building on the street Chekhova, 7 and dental office in Ternopil regional municipal hospital.

The department began teaching surgical and prosthetic dentistry student of the 3rd year dental faculty andstudents to the basics of dentistry 4th year medical faculty. For this purpose, three clinical equipped rooms, whichwere four dental settings. Faculty were the reception of patients in a consultative and diagnostic center "Desna" at the Horbachevskyy Ternopil State Medical University.

Assistant Manaschuk I.S. conducting of practical classes

Assistant Oshchipko R.V. conducts seminars of classes

Every school year, due to the advent of the department courses successor, is expanding staffing and equipping new training rooms. In 2007 the chair come candidate of medical science Skakun L.M., assistants Stahanska O.O., A.Ya. Karnkivskyy. There is room for improvement of learning a second surgical department Ternopil regional municipal oncological health center in which candidate of medical science Skakun L.M. conducting workshops for students of the 4th year dental faculty of oncodentistry and classes traumatology of the maxillofacial area, as it should occur at the dental department of Ternopil regional municipal clinical hospital. Due to the introduction in the Horbacevskyy Ternopil State Medical University new principles in the educational process and the transition to credit-module system of teaching, the question arises on preparing teaching documents, filling materials Web-pages of the department. Notably, the department staff adequately coped with this task.

In 2008 is disconnected Department of Surgical and Prosthetic Dentistry at the Department of Surgical Dentistry (the Head of department – candidate of medical science, docent Nagirnyi Ya.P.) and the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry (the Head of Department – doctor of medical science, professor Cherkashin S.I.).

In order department of surgical stomatology transferred the right wing of the second floor academic building on the street. Chekhov, 7 where three equipped training rooms, office head, assistant, and provided for practical work at the dental office surgery department consultative and diagnostic center "Desna" (Chehova, 5 street).

In 2009, thanks to the leadership of the University is arranging clinical hall of department of surgical dentistry, equipped with two modern dental units and necessary for medical equipment with surgical tools where students under the guidance of teachers can perform practical work, learn practical skills, provide advice and conduct joint admission patients.

In clinical hall of department of surgical stomatology student spends manipulation under the direction of assistant Kolodnytska G.B.

A significant event was the opening of the regional center dental implants and dental rehabilitation. Also, 2009 was marked by large-scale planning PhD theses. In the period March-June 2009 four teachers of the department began working on their dissertations. In the same year held the first objective structured clinical examination for students of the fourth year dental faculty, semester test examination, practical training in surgical dentistry and drawing up a skills-oriented final exam for fifth-year students of dental faculty.

Delivery of practical skills students 4th year dental faculty professor Nahirniy Ya.P.

In August 2009, the department created Faculty of the postgraduate education to dentistry and to conduct practical lessons from the "main methods outpatient surgical treatment of dental diseases in adults and children" for medicalinterns and II year students of the specialty "Dentistry" involved experienced teachers of the department of surgicaldentistry.

The theoretical part of the practical class conducts

assist. Stytsyuk A.M.

In 2010, the Head of Surgical Dentistry Department, docent Nahirniy Ya.P. brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis on "Ways of optimization of reparative osteogenesis in patients with traumatic mandibular fractures" and finalizedfilling system daily monitoring of student system «Moodle» and materials for distance learning nursing.

The composition of the Surgical Dentistry Department in 2011

In 2010-2012 is expanding staff at the department of surgical dentistry dentists come - graduates of different universities of Ukraine (SHEI "Horbachevskyy Ternopil State Medical University”, Lviv National Medical University named by Danylo Galician," Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University): assistants G.B. Kolodnytska, Hembarovskyy M.V., Stephaniv I.V., Drapak (Melnyk) T.G., candidate of medical science Hutor N.S., assistants Grad I.V., Bilozetskyy I.I., Rudyk M.R., N.Ya. Kovtun, Yaskiv O.A., Stoyan (Tverdokhlib) N.O., Fedorovych (Smetyuh) O.A., Hontar (Bedenyuk) O.S., Holovetska (Hevyk) Z.S. Laboratory assistants of the Surgical Dentistry Department – L.B. Kuryliuk and S.S. Zuh.

The staff of the Surgical Dentistry Department in 2014

Currently, the department conducted the following disciplines teaching in Ukrainian, Russian and English: "Surgery" for students of 3-5 courses of Faculty of Dentistry, "Principles of dentistry" for the 5th year students of the Medical Faculty, "in dentistry Nursing" for nurses-bachelors 2 year of study Institute of Nursing.

The young staff of the department constantly improves his professional level in thematic courses, refresher courses, master classes, participate in congresses, conferences, congresses (even traveling abroad).

State of the Surgical Dentistry Department

(left to right - cand. of med. sciences, assistant Hembarovskyy Mykola Vasylovych, cand. of med. sciences, assistant Kolodnytska Galyna Bogdanivna, cand. of med. sciences, assistant Smetyuh Olesya Andryivna, assistant Tverdokhlib Natalia Olehivna, docent Gutor Natalia Stepanivna, assistant Kovtun Natalia Yaroslavivna, assistant Hrad Ivan Volodymyrovych, laboratory assistant Zuh Serhiy Serhiyovych, assistant Bedenyuk Olena Serhiyivna)

Department staff looks to the future with optimism.